Economicus Vulgaris

Economicus vulgaris is an economic popularization project. Four posters to explain the four stages of “tulipomania”, considered as the first speculation crisis. It uses the typeface Spécule, a revival of the Trajan designed specially for this project. Here, language and visual plays with the reader's expectations to make economics easy and fun to understand. Swearing is the spoon full of sugar that helps economics go down.

Project initiated by Yohanna My Nguyen
Silkprint on offsett paper, series of 4 posters, A2, 10 copies, 2017

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The state of the market

So here's the shit, the Netherlands were full of filthy rich merchants. These fuckers were rolling in it so much they didn't know what to do with there money and on top of that they just had a plague so they were in a lame “carpe diem” phase. You know, like we can die tomorrow, like taking risks is fun, like YOLO. And now arrives the tulip and it's like, “Waddup bitches, I come from the East Side! I’m a new flower. Wow, I’m so exotic and so sophisticated, I take ages to flower!”. Like it's no cheap bitch, like everybody wants one to put in their garden to show his neighbour who's the boss, like it's a fucking pissing contest. And on top of that, a motherfucking virus shows up to ice the cake. This little bastard infects the tulip bulbs. And when it's infected the tulip gets super swag new colors and takes even more time to flower. Picture it like an STD that makes your dick super big but super long to get hard.

Overvaluation of the market

So basically, tulip's demand rose faster than Kanye West's dick when he looks in the mirror. Everyone wants one, like Tulips are the IPhone 6 of 1637. But as I said, these little bitches are not in a hurry to bloom, so they take fucking forever to produce. So people start to sign sell commitments before the blooming season. Like these fuckers are selling flowers before planting them. So the amount of sold tulips begins to outnumber the existing capital of tulips. Long story short, they are selling more tulips than what actually exist. Can you see the shitstorm coming now?

Creating a speculativ bubble

But it's not the end, because some half clever, half shady merchants smell the way of making even more cash. They buy sell commitments and sell them again for higher prices. And now they've got one fucking foot in the grave because it causes the biggest motherfucking price rise ever! BAM! Dissociation between the sell commitment's value and the tulips's real value.

Market collapse

And one day comes the spark that ignites the fucking fire. Prices were so high, Snoop Dogg wouldn’t even be able to handle it. One day come an auction where a poor motherfucker finds himself fucked both ways, all alone with his bulb because no one can afford it. And from there the goose is cooked so hard you could use it to fuel your barbecue to cook another goose. Because all of the shit heads owning either a bulb or a sell commitment start to freak out, they shit their pants thinking they will not find another shithead to sell it to. So they panic. All of them. And they try to sell to save their skin. All off them. At the same time. What a bunch of morons. So the supply goes sky high as the demand sinks so deep it's this close to finding oil. The tulip's prices drop and it's not worth a penny anymore. Welcome to the Hipsterland, where they speculated before it was cool. Dutch people invented the stock market crash before the stock market.